Laptop ergonomics

A laptop is a compromise between ergonomics and portability. The screen of a laptop is too low to look at while sitting straight. Since the keyboard is attached to the screen, it becomes even harder to sit correctly.

The physical discomfort can even cause permanent pain in back, neck and shoulders, reducing productivity in private and working life. 



This bending posture  is really bad for your back and neck and a constant pain is a clear warning. Ignoring the pain can result in serious damage in your spine; your neck muscles are too tense to keep your head up and the discs in your spine are overly compressed.



A recent study published in the journal 'Surgical Technology International' explains that when you are standing or sitting straight your head weighs 10 to 12 lbs. ( 4.5 to 5.5 kg) on average. But if you  lean only 15 degrees forward, the head weight as experienced in your neck muscles is more than double. With a 45-degree angle it becomes a staggering 49 lbs (22kg)! As if an additional weight of 37 lbs (17kg) is put on your head.


Raising the screen and moving it further from you allows you to sit in a straight position where your spine does most of the support of your head. Your back and neck muscles  are relieved and also your eyes are less strained because the screen is further away.


Also using the laptop’s touchpad for too long is bad for your neck and shoulders. By using  the touchpad your hands are moved inwards and across your body to control the cursor so also your shoulders and neck are squeezed inwards . With a separate mouse or mouse pad, your shoulders are straight and your  arms are in the correct position.

If you don't have an additional keyboard or mouse, a laptop stand is still valuable, especially when reading or with activities that require minimal keyboard interaction. Just every now and then using the laptop controls is not harmful.

In general, a steady position or repetitive movements over a long period should be avoided and regular short exercises or breaks are the best way to prevent physical discomfort. The OviStand will surely help you to work with more pleasure and higher productivity.

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